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Digital Data Management Consultants was established in 1997 and is located in Jefferson, LA.

Our phone number is 504-259-7999. We have covered many different facets of the

Information Technology Field for a longtime, but we now specialize in the specific

service of Smart Web Page Design and Maintenance. So you can forget about

expensive advertising that you can't judge if it's working. And, you can forget about the

expense and hassle of the design and maintenance of a web site of your own.


So, This is why to get a Smart Web Page:

*It is Very Inexpensive (Only a One Time Charge of only $25)

*It is Quick and Easy  (All you have to do is email your logo, your information and

pictures to us and a you will have a professionally designed page quickly)

*You can Judge the Success of the Listing of your Page (You can not only

judge the amount of people seeing your listing, but how many are  clicking

through to your page)

SERVICE AGREEMENT by Digital Data Management Consultants (DD MC CO, LLC)

Service: Design, Placement, Maintenance & Analytics Reporting

Price: $25.00    Payment Options: Secure Credit or Debit Card Payment from This Site

or by mailing check to: P. O. Box 10597, Jefferson, LA 70181

Procedures: Then clients emails information to be used in listing

to: and design staff creates listing within two working days.

The client can change the content of the listing two times at no charge.

The client will receive monthly analytics of listing and page statistics via email.

The listing runs on the site until client asks for its removal by

emailing request to: or by calling 504-259-7999.

If at any time the client is not fully satisfied, a complete refund will be issued.

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